Gripping & Inspirational! 5 Stars!

January 13, 2014

This is one of the most gripping and inspirational memoirs I have read. It has every quality that makes a page-turner a page-turner—love, loss, betrayal, redemption and renewal, to name a few. I had to remind myself as I read along that this is a true story and not a novel.

Ms. Bello-Ruiz's journey begins as a rebellious teenager who hooks up with a dangerous drug-using pimp, barely escaping with her life. She becomes part of a controversial religious commune. Ironically, it's in the commune that she awakens to her full, independent (no brain washing that I could discern), religious potential and where she is guided to move to Central America to rescue teen girls from a life of prostitution.

The thing I love about this woman's story, and what I will keep in my heart always, is her unwavering faith and dedication to God and God's guidance, even in the darkest of times. This memoir is enough to inspire even the most cynical reader—which, I admit, I'm not.  Jo Chandler, Young Adult Fiction Author. Author of "This Side of Forever." 

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