I Couldn't Put This Book Down

Amazon Review By valetajf on August 27, 2013

I couldn't put this book down. It is a wonderful narrative of overcoming adversity and helping others do the same. Paying it forward. The unwavering faith of Linda Bello-Ruiz is a tremendous example for all. Thank you for sharing your very personal story. I highly recommend this book." Valeta F.

An Amazing Journey

One amazing journey. So well written, so very compelling. I am not much of a memoir reader, but this book changed my opinion of memoirs. Really hard to put down-the story grabs you and demands you stay with it until the very emotional end. Tony Mariah

An Inspiring Read

Ms. Bello-Ruiz' account of a young girl's journey from the streets of San Francisco and personal tragedy, surviving the cultish nature of the Children of God, overcoming obstacles that most of us would judge as too difficult even before we tried, is simply extraordinary. Relying on her unwavering faith to guide her, she saw need and created a refuge of hope in Costa Rica which changed the lives of hundreds of young girls which might otherwise be hopeless. A remarkable memoir. And an equally remarkable woman.  An inspiring read.  - Quentin Grady, author of The Ghost Eagle.

Time So Unforgettable

Original Text in Spanish

Con solo leer la introduccion y ver las fotos mi corazon mi mente y hasta mi alma se trasladaron a esa epoca tan inolvidable. ¡ ya derrame mi primera lagrima ¡
Estoy recordando esos momentos ahora mas que nunca.
Me siento muy emocionado y muy orgulloso de haber vivido al lado tuyo parte de esa historia tan maravillosa. Un caluroso y entrañable abrazo, Carlos


The English Translation of above comment:

Just reading the introduction (to From Tears to Triumph) and seeing the pictures—my heart, my mind, and even my soul is moved to that time so unforgettable. I have shed my first tear! I'm remembering those moments now more than ever.
I am very excited and very proud to have lived next to you as part of this wonderful story. A warm and affectionate hug, Carlo (Jaramillo)



You’ve never read a book like this

You’ve never read a book like this, I guarantee it. From vulnerable innocent on the streets of San Francisco to seasoned rescuer off the streets of Costa Rica, Linda will take you places you’ve wondered about but never traveled, experiencing a godzillion heart-stopping moments along the way.

Dana Sudboro, author of Fatima’s Fate

Linda Bello Ruiz has lived many lives

Linda Bello-Ruiz has lived many lives—from her middle class childhood in rural California to her edgy rebellion in San Francisco, to joining the Children of God. Linda finally found her life path in Costa Rica where God guided her to help save girls from prostitution. Her determination and creativity led to her creating the House of Hope. This page-tuner shows how one brave woman’s inspiration and Divine guidance saved and changed the lives of many.
Linda Joy Myers, President of the National Association of Memoir Writers,
author of The Power of Memoir and Don’t Call Me Mother
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